Neeti, Shakti and Mukti look like Goddesses in 'Kanha Re'!

T-Series always has something new to offer to its viewers and listeners, and this artist, singer Neeti Mohan, known for her popular tracks such as 'Bawara Mann' and 'Naam Hai Mera' is all set to surprise her fans with her new single Kanha Re'.

Joining her to surprise you are her two sisters Shakti and Mukti, who feature in the video of the traditional folk song based on Raag Kedar Bandish.

The song is a devotional and soulful track. After a hiatus we see a devotional track that too sung by a younger lot. Mohan sisters who will enthrall the audience and their fans with their traditional dance, Kathak as they seize the stage with classical song and dance.

Neeti sung the track 'Kanha Re' and looked surreal as Meera in the start of the video, while at the end we saw Mukti, Neeti and Shakti dancing together like Radha and its heart warming and delight to see all three of them swaying.

Neeti, Shakti and Mukti danced exceptionally well. Speaking about how the idea of 'Kanha Re' took birth, Neeti says, “I had learnt the bandish 'Kanha Re' during college and I had taught it to Shakti and Mukti, who were at that time in school. One day I was singing 'Kanha re' at home and my sisters were singing along too. That's when we decided to make a dance video on the same. So we added extra bols to the tarana so that we could perform Kathak on it. We want to dedicate this song and video to all who love Indian classical music and dance.”

The picturisation of the video took two long days and two nights to be completed. The dance part took the longest to shoot as it needed perfect camera movements to capture the Kathak nuances. Adds Neeti, “I had to shoot my parts during sunrise because we wanted to show devotion and that’s the perfect time for praying. Shakti’s shots are with little girls who are playing gopis. They fight over Kanha’s basuri. Mukti is playing a wife, Rukmini, so she is seen wearing jewellery and dressing up for Krishna.”

T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar adds, “'Kanha Re', falling into the classical mould is a very different kind of single that we have experimented with. We are hopeful that people with a classical bent of mind will appreciate the effort.”