Neha Dhupia: I turned mellower after GANDHI TO HITLER

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 27 Jul 2011 12:29:42.8200000 IST

In Rakesh Ranjan Kumar directed GANDHI TO HITLER, Neha's character of Eva Braun has a significant role to play in the narrative as she is the only woman who was closest to Hitler, especially in the days leading to his downfall after being plagued by betrayal. Now that the film is getting ready for release this weekend, Neha can't help but feel nostalgic.

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"It did break my heart when the movie was over," says Neha, "I was extremely involved in the way I portrayed Eva on screen. She was someone who was quite flamboyant with Hitler's soldiers and was forever in a happy and positive mood. For me to put her to rest was something really difficult. That's because behind that exterior of being intrinsically happy and charming, there was certain sadness and romanticism which she kept for themselves. After I was through shooting for the film, I could see myself turning mellower than ever."

Since the film is a biopic and tells a real life tale based on notes available in history books, even Neha did her own element of research before putting on the garb of Eva Braun.

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"When I went through the script, I was conscious about the fact that I was Neha, an actress while here she was a German lady, a close confidante of Hitler. It isn't easy to step into the shoes of such historical personality. I had to go through history, pick up whatever images or footage that were available of her and try to get an idea of what she must have been in real life. I had to work hard as an actress and make my own version of the series of incidents that would have taken place then. I tried to bring myself as closer as possible to Eva before it actually started making sense. Now the final verdict is with the audience."

Also starring Aman Verma, GANDHI TO HITLER releases all over on 29th July.