Neha Sharma: I don't regret any of my films

Neha Sharma: I don't regret any of my films news

Neha Sharma is one determined young heroine around. A disappointing Bollywood beginning (CROOK) was followed by a success (KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM) and though her JAYANTABHAI KI LUV STORY didn't work at the box office, her presence was much more than just noticed. Now that she is arriving in her biggest film till date, YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA 2, the Delhi girl is promising that she is here to stay.

'See, I didn't have a big and huge launch as a star-kid would have. I am still trying to do my best. I know that for people to acknowledge my presence in the industry, it would be a bit longer for me. However I am here to work hard and give my best. It is not like if one film of mine doesn't work then I am going to pack my bags. It all depends on how much determination I have to want something. Acting is what I want to do and as long as I believe in myself, I know that I will reach where I wish to be,' says Neha.

She does acknowledge the fact that there have been roadblocks to encounter as well.

'Yes, and when a film doesn't work, like for example JAYANTABHAI...., it is very disheartening. There is some redemption though when your fans come back and tell you that they loved your film. Or for that matter when some critics write things about you that make you feel proud of yourself. This is the reason why I don't regret any of my films. I did them with my eyes open and I know that in some way or the other, I have benefited immensely,' she says.

Here is looking forward to 'YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA 2' benefiting the pretty girl as well once the film releases this Friday.