Next releases in the news: Kismat, Tum

Both the next releases - "Kismat" and "Tum" - have been in the news for more reasons than one.

Manisha Koirala's erotic thriller "Tum" threatens to become another "Ek Chhotisi Love Story" with her close friend Cecil Anthony allegedly threatening the film's public relations officer Alok Mathur.

According to Mathur, Cecil abused and threatened him for spreading revealing photographs of Manisha from the film to the media. Mathur, however, claims that the images were provided to him by production house of the film. Mathur has lodged a police complaint against Cecil.

The film has been produced by Venus and directed by Aruna Raje. It co-stars Karan Nath and Netanya Singh.

"Kismat", on the other hand, was in the news for good reasons. The Bobby Deol-Priyanka Chopra-starrer produced by Dhirajlal Shah, Pravin Shah, Hasmukh Shah and Times Movies and directed by Guddu Dhanoa will make use of e-cinema for distribution.

It will be satellite-transmitted direct-to-theatre in some of New Delhi's digital theatres. The reception at the digital theatres will be through a dish antenna.

Since April 2003, the concept of digital cinema has arrived in India. The first film to be transferred on the digital format was "The Hero", with hard disks having been sent physically to digital cinema halls.

Thereafter, all big releases have adopted this measure against piracy and for print proliferation. With the producers of the modestly-budgeted "Kismat" taking to e-cinema, the path to nationwide adoption of this technology seems clear.

Implementing this technology means there will be no time lag between the release of movies in metros and smaller towns.