Nikhil Advani: Kangana Ranaut will kill you with KATTI BATTI

Nikhil Advani: Kangana Ranaut will kill you with KATTI BATTI news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 01 Sep 2015 12:59:01.5900000 IST
Kangana Ranaut has undoubtedly proven her versatility & ability as an actress. She won our hearts as Rani in QUEEN and we loved her as the innocent athlete, Dattu in TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS. And if we go by what director Nikhil Advani has to say, Kangana Ranaut is going to outdo her performances of QUEEN & TANU WEDS MANU with KATTI BATTI.


Said Nikhil, “Kangana Ranaut will take her performance of QUEEN & TANU WEDS MANU one step ahead with KATTI BATTI. She’ll kill you; you’ll die in the last 20 minutes of KATTI BATTI.”

The makers have not yet revealed what the film has to offer to us. “We haven’t even shown what KATTI BATTI is about. We’ve just shown people masti & fun,” said Nikhil.

When questioned why they haven’t shown what exactly the film is about, he said, “We cannot show it because that is the script. I can’t give away the script. When you see it, you’ll know. It will shock you.”
He further said, “Where other love story ends, KATTI BATTI begins. It’s true. It’s a story about two people, who love each other so much that they can’t be with each other.”

Sharing the feedback KATTI BATTI has got from Ehsaan (Noorani), he said, “Ehsaan just called me up and said that you should give tissue boxes with one ticket of KATTI BATTI. He said people will not be able to stop crying.”

Only after watching the movie, we will be able to say what kind of shock we get. Let’s wait for the 18th of this month. Let’s hope we don’t die of shock. Well, it can be a pleasant shock too!