Nikhil Dwivedi dons producer's hat with TAMANCHEY!

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 28 Jan 2012 20:17:12.1430000 IST

Nikhil Dwivedi has donned a new avatar. For his next film TAMANCHEY, he has doubled up as executive producer, helping out the first time producer Suryaveer Singh.

Since the director of the film is also a first timer, Nikhil has been personally involved in assembling a worthy technical crew for the film.

view NIKHIL DWIVEDI picture gallery
view NIKHIL DWIVEDI picture gallery

So much so that many corporate honchos are now taking note and talking of how TAMANCHEY is being shot with precise planning and looking like an A-List film despite a modest budget. The film boasts of a visual director from Hollywood. A visual director is a principal technician in Hollywood films, but it is the first time where such a technician has been appointed for a Hindi film.

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In addition to the camera crew - also from Hollywood - the film has a choreographer who is leaving no stone unturned to make the songs look visually appealing.

Interestingly, sources say TAMANCHEY, which is an intense love story set against the backdrop of crime, has Nikhil playing a character loosely inspired by gangster Abu Salem. The producers vehemently deny any such inspiration or association though. Nikhil was last seen in SHOR IN IHE CITY, and seems like he's back in the solo lead bracket post its success.