No 'Mushkil' for BEFIKRE, movie passed with all smooches

No 'Mushkil' for BEFIKRE, movie passed with all smooches news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 16 Nov 2016 16:08:31.7930000 IST

So finally, it’s U/A for BEFIKRE. The Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor starrer has got the alleged ‘sanskari’ Censor Board going passionately lenient. Aditya Chopra’s modern rom com which reportedly has 40 smooches got cleared yesterday with U/A certificate.

Aditya Chopra’s touted bold take on relationships that attacks the common beliefs on love where pre martial sex is casual was doubted to make the Censor Board go strict and impose some cuts on the smooches that are widely publicized.

But surprise, surprise, CBFC threw its alleged dictates away and changed its stand on kissing by reportedly allowing all the lip lock scenes to remain intact in the film.
Aditya got lucky but unfortunately his friend Karan Johar wasn’t, his AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL came under Censor storm for its kissing scenes.