No remote video music launch for Akshay Kumar

No remote video music launch for Akshay Kumar news

If the much-awaited music of ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI DOBAARA is not yet out, it is for a reason. The makers have unanimously agreed to launch the film's music only after its 'lead villain' Akshay Kumar is back in town.

"Akshay is currently in Bangkok shooting for another film. He returns to India on 18th. Within a week of his arrival, the music will be officially launched," informs our well-placed source.

The wait has turned out to be all the more killing, considering that the music of the original ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI was a smash hit. Now with Pritam continuing as composer for the sequel as well, there is much curiosity to check out what he has to offer, especially after delivering a blockbuster in YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI.

"Akshay is particularly fond of the music and wants his fans to hear the entire album soon. It is just that his USA holiday and Bangkok shoot were planned well in advance and he couldn't wriggle out. Though there was an option of him appearing remotely via a video conference (as he did for the film's second trailer launch), none of it is being considered for the music launch of OUATIMD. Akshay wants to have a direct connect with his audience once he unveils the film's music. It is Akshay's biggest film in recent times. Now that he is all set to be back, massive plans are being put into place," the source adds.

To begin with, the launch would focus on the romantic element of the film, which means that Sonakshi Sinha and Imran Khan will have a big role to play in the proceedings as well.

"Even though OUATIM was known for its chartbusting romantic numbers, the film's focus was primarily on gangster rivalry. In the film's sequel, the emphasis is on the romance and drama. The same feel will be communicated via the music launch as well," Tanuj Garg of Balaji adds.

Would there be some lovey-dovey-mushy moments on stage instead of hardcore gangster talk once the music is unveiled? Looks like it, as Milan, Akshay, Imran and Sonakshi have a script in place. Watch this space!