Nora Fatehi: MY BIRTHDAY SONG is psychological thriller in truest sense

Model-actress Nora Fatehi made her way into people’s heart with her sensual dance number ‘Manohari’ in Prabhas starrer BAAHUBALI part one. Later she grabbed eyeballs thanks to her Bigg Boss 9 stint. Recently she featured in Harrdy Sandhu’s latest hit single ‘Naah’ which went on to become a huge hit among the music lovers.
Now for the first time Nora will be seen in a full-fledged role in Samir Soni’s directorial debut MY BIRTHDAY SONG in which she stars opposite Sanjay Suri. In an exclusive conversation with Glamsham Nora speaks at length about her character in MY BIRTHDAY SONG, how she equally loves dancing and acting and out of PAD MAN and PADMAAVAT which film she would watch first.
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Tell us about your role in MY BIRTHDAY SONG.
I am playing the lead role in the film her name is Sandy. She is a very mysterious and very different type of character her presence in the film is basically you can say is the catalyst of the story. She goes to Rajiv Kaul’s(played by Sanjay Suri) birthday party and her presence there sparks a series of event that happen in the film. She is an independent woman and has a certain sensuality and vulnerability.

What kind of preparation went behind playing it?
We did a lot of reading together so that I could get comfortable with Sanjay Suri and understand the vision of Sameer sir. What I was required to do was just act as natural as possible so I just had to explore that natural performances being very observant and alert during the shoot for understanding the scene better but I didn’t really have to do much preparation for it.

How was the experience of working with Sanjay Suri?
It was a lovely experience he has lot of credential and been a part of National Award winning film so it feels very nice to be part of that whole circle, actors and filmmakers that are known due to their credibility. He was very encouraging throughout the shoot and he is a very humble and nice person.

Describe Sameer Soni as a director. Was he a task master or easy to work with kind of person?
He is very easy going director before shooting we would just explain to us what he wanted and what he envisioned and then would give us freedom to reach that goal or that vision of his.

Personally what kind of roles you enjoy playing?
I do enjoy getting into comedy space but as of now I think I am just happy performing.

Your latest song ‘Naah’ by Harrdy Sandhu is a huge hit. So are you guys planning to collaborate again?
Well I told him that we should do something together again and he was very excited about the idea so let’s see when that happens but yeah we will definitely work together again.

What do you enjoy most-dancing or acting?
Both I enjoy very much. Both have its own charm but I won’t choose one over the other for sure.

What inspired you to take acting as a career?
I always wanted to act since I was young. I knew that was my calling when I was young I didn’t know how to go about it but I think I realized early that I am a performer and entertainer. I was always inclined towards any forms of entertainment or arts.

If given a chance what would be the two things that you would like to change in Bollywood?
Well first it would be stereotyping the lack of diversity in our stories, the remake that constantly keep happening instead of that we should experiment more there are lot of stories out there that should be told.

Give us two reasons why one should go and watch MY BIRTHDAY SONG?
It’s a very intriguing film, very engaging and it’s not like something seen before in Hindi Cinema I can guarantee you for sure. It’s in a true sense a psychological thriller. People who enjoy such films should definitely check it out

Next week two big films are releasing PAD MAN and PADMAAVAT. Which out of these you would prefer watching first?
I think I will watch PAD MAN first.