Ntasha's swimming scene in AAMRAS

img By S Abid | 11 Sep 2009 12:59:31.0400000 IST

view AAMRAS movie stills

view AAMRAS movie stills

The standout face of the AAMRAS promos, Ntasha Bhardwaj, is going places with just her first venture. Not only does she have a good screen presence but the MSW student comes across as a very intelligent girl. And we got ample proof of that when we asked the pretty lass about the buzz surrounding her swimming scene in AAMRAS and that it has been edited.

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Ntasha clarified, ''I won't put it like that. Yes, it has been partially edited, I will be seen emerging out of the swimming pool, but the focus is on my face. The reason for this is that the film carries a 'U' certificate and the makers wanted to keep the innocence of the movie intact as they do not want to lose out on the youth audience. Whatever has been done is for the betterment of the movie.''

Wisely put indeed. We get a sense of what Ntasha is trying to say and agree with her as well as the makers' logic and reasoning.