OCTOBER trailer: Varun Dhawan & Banita Sandhu shine in the intriguing story of love and loss

Ever since Shoojit Sircar announced the film OCTOBER starring Varun Dhawan in lead, there has been curiosity around it as to what the filmmaker wants to depict here, in what way he has treated this touted unique romantic drama. After enough speculations around the plotline, here comes the first trailer of the film that puts our inquisitiveness to the rest with a beautiful slice-of-life story of love enveloped in the backdrop of exotic nature, autumn season.

It is the story about two management trainees Dan and Shiuli, played by Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu respectively, who share a very natural equation, sometimes love-hate, sometimes as good pals and sometimes can’t stand each other. However, their lives are shattered with unfortunate turn of events which can be never same again. Shiuli ends up in ICU, who loses her memory and Dan devotes his life to her. Her condition affects him more than it probably should and he is there on her side
24*7, even if it means at the cost of his career.

As Varun rightly said that it is not love at first sight or doesn’t have run-of-the-mill antics, we get to see a very refreshing insight on love with OCTOBER. Though Banita doesn’t have enough dialogues, she emotes well and conveys her feelings with her expressions. Varun once again shows his versatility and proves that at any given role he can pull it off with ease. He is director’s actor and can be moulded in genre.

With a soothing background score by AR Rahman and Komail Shayan and picturesque cinematography with sombre lights, OCTOBER trailer shines throughout and bring out the essence of love in its purest form.

OCTOBER is not the usual contemporary love story but the way love has been treated here definitely will touch the souls when the film releases. It’s a mature unsaid love saga and perhaps by using parijaat flowers (night jasmine as rightly said, which bloom only in night and sheds like tear drops as sun rises) all through the creatives of OCTOBER, it’s symbolic of a poignant, painful love story, of love and loss. As we gave a hint about the deep connection of the night-jasmines with the film’s storyline in our last story, it seems evident with the trailer also now.

With that we can’t just wait to watch the film that hits the screens on 13th April 2018. Co-produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar, OCTOBER is directed by Shoojit Sircar and it is a Rising Sun Films production in association with Kino Works’. The film is witten by Juhi Chaturvedi.