OMG! Akshay Kumar becomes a target of racism

OMG!  Akshay Kumar becomes a target of racism news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 23 May 2016 17:47:58.8300000 IST

Shocking but true.. Akshay Kumar faced racism charges and got insulted for being Indian. Here is the story we got right from the horse’s mouth..

Akshay Kumar who will be seen in a multiple avatars in his most awaited comedy series HOUSEFULL 3 said that he faced insult on being Indian and faced racist remarks..


Now before the Akkians and Akshay loyalist all over the globe go wild with rage, we clarify that the B-town Khiladi and the action King of Bollywood said this during his round of promotions in Mumbai for his upcoming HOUSEFULL 3.

Akshay, who has proven his mettle in both the genres action and comedy, is currently enjoying the status of the modern Indian poster man of patriotism with movies like AIRLIFT, BABY, GABBAR etc, HOUSEFULL 3 sees him back in the slapstick comedy zone and while speaking about his character Sandy – a split personality, Akshay said that Sandy is a lover of football and dreams to be a footballer but has to settle as a water boy and gets constantly ridiculed for his clumsiness by his firang (foreign origin) boss, who repeatedly passes racist remarks by saying “You Indian"

Anyways, it is for fun in the movie and nothing personal but we found it a bit ironic for the current Indian on-screen icon of patriotism ridiculously stereotyped as Indian for his clumsiness in the third installment of his most successfull comedy franchise HOUSEFULL.

Interestingly, Akshay Kumar who loves ‘black’ humour personally took it sportingly as a true Indian..