OMG! Sonakshi Sinha was called a ‘Cow’ by this celebrity model

In B-town not fitting into popularly accepted moulds of “fit-body” or “good-looking” tags can lead to being looked down upon or even body-shamed!


One of our leading B-Town actresses - Sonakshi Sinha recently confessed to being a victim of body shaming at the hands of a celebrity model.Recently Sonakshi Sinha appeared on BFFs with Vogue on COLORS INFINITY along with celebrated designer Manish Malhotra as her BFF (Well that’s news for us).


On the show while Sonakshi & Manish sat on the couch they were probed by the host Neha Dhupia, interestingly the two friends did end up spilling a few beans.


In one of the segment on the show Sonakshi Sinha admitted to being a victim of body shaming by a model and celebrity.

Sonakshi Sinha and BFF Manish Malhotra with host Neha Dhupia
Sonakshi Sinha and BFF Manish Malhotra with host Neha Dhupia

In the midst of the fun filled rapid-fire, Sonakshi went on to narrate an incident where she was body shamed when she walked the ramp before marking her Bollywood debut. The otherwise bubby actress pulled on a serious face and said that while she was walking the ramp, a celebrity model who was also a columnist called her a Cow! Saying “What is this cow doing on the catwalk…?”

When Neha asked for name of that model, Sonakshi’s BFF Manish prompted saying, “ahh Shamita Singha!”

Sonakshi who has always been in the radar of fashion police for her weight, ended agreeing with Neha who said “it isn’t nice…”

We wonder what Shamita has to say about this now.