OMG! This singer gave Vicky Kaushal 500 rupee note

OMG! This singer gave Vicky Kaushal 500 rupee note news
img By Ruchita Mishra | 27 Feb 2017 13:14:17.1130000 IST

Vicky Kaushal who shot to fame in 2015 post the release of MASAAN is now all set to take the big league with his pivotal role in the upcoming Dutt biopic. Vicky who's known to be humble and absolutely rooted to his North Indian roots shares a special love for Punjab and Punjabi culture.


Very few of us know that Vicky idolizes, Gurdas Mann since his childhood, Vicky has looked upon this famous Punjabi singer and actor who's a global star in his own right.

Vicky had the fortune to meet his idol and exchange a valuable conversation with him. On sharing his admiration, Gurdas Mann was extremely touched and instantly gave a gift of a 500 rupee note to Vicky as a token of love and respect. Vicky till date has carried the note as his inspiration and charm and values the gift more than anything else.

Speaking about his fan moment Vicky added, “I look up to Gurdas Mann. He's my idol. He gave me a currency note once and since then I till date have it saved with me in my wallet. I have so much respect for him and in my lifetime if I can even achieve 10% of what he has achieved I would be satisfied as an artist.”