Omung Kumar: I treat every woman in my life as equal

Omung Kumar have given the celluloid some beautiful films in the past like, MARY KOM starring Priyanka Chopra, SARBJIT whose central character was Aishwarya Rai and the story telling revolved around her, then came BHOOMI, a revenge drama, which showcased a raped daughter’s struggle and her relationship with her dad.
Omung has always focused on women as central character in his films.
As its International Women’s day today, we asked Omung Kumar about the women in his life and which lady has inspired him in his life.
Omung avers, “Women's Day for me is all about celebrating the fact that Women are powerful. Women can do everything. And we should respect them for managing everything the way they do. I just want to tell everyone that they should respect women. They have a lot more challenges to reach wherever they do.”
Speaking about the women who inspired him, Omung said, “At my personal level, I am being more understanding and considerate. I'm treating every woman in my life as equal, my role model my Mother or be it my wife, my colleagues, my family. Treating women equally gives them a lot of power and personally that is what I am doing.”
On being quizzed, what drives him towards making movies with women as the core part of the story, to which Omung said, “I decided to make movies with women as the main strong protagonist but I don't like to call them female-oriented films primarily for the reason that again it brings them into a slot. The reason why I made these films is because I found the stories very strong and they impacted me and yes, in the process I also discovered the lives and journeys of these really strong women. For the longest time women as protagonists have inspired me and that is what made me direct these films too.”
Well said Omung. Here’s wishing all the women across the world a very Happy Women’s Day.