Onir’s KUCHH BHEEGE ALFAAZ tries to bring back old world romance

Saregama's Yoodlee films’ KUCHH BHEEGE ALFAAZ directed by Onir has just released its trailer digitally. The film is a modern-day love story in the age of social media, of two characters – RJ Alfaaz, played by debutant actor Zain Khan Durrani and meme artist - Archana, played by Geetanjali Thapa.


The trailer begins with the lead character RJ Alfaaz’s voice on the radio as he hosts a show - KUCHH BHEEGE ALFAAZ.


Archana, eternally an optimist and looking for love through dating apps - connects with Alfaaz for the first time over a misplaced call, when she accidentally dials his number while trying to contact her latest blind date.


Thus begins an interesting relationship between two unlikely characters, very different and yet drawn inexplicably towards each other. The movie also features the iconic love song ‘Pehla Nasha’, as a background score, underlining the impending romance between these two characters, hidden safely behind social media screens. But will the emojis translate to emotions when they reveal their truth to each other?


Overall though the story of this film is not something we have never heard off but we will just have to wait till the film’s release to see how Onir is going to present this story in a refreshing way.


The film is scheduled for a release this Valentine weekend on 16th February.


Check out official trailer of KUCHH BHEEGE ALFAAZ below: