Open letter to Karan Johar on why I believe ‘ Pyaar Dosti Hai’

KUCH KUCH HOTA is one film that has lived, breath and stayed in our minds, ever since the film was released till date people have been watching it and the dialogues have been mouthed by all. The 90’s film starring Kajol, Rani, SRK, Salman, this film has love, friendships, love, death, motherhood, everything.
This is Karan Johar’s debut film and as the film marks 20 years today, the dialogues are fresh in minds of many, many of us have seen the film on repeat mode, on satellite it comes very often and you can’t change the channel anyhow.

As the film clocks in 20 years I would want to thank Karan Johar for making a film that has ruined my concept of love to an extent that I swear by the word Pyaar Dosti hai..

Here’s my open letter to Karan Johar and how I am in love with KKHH much before I fell in love with a guy!

To Karan Johar,
I was in school when I first saw this film and since then the dialogues have struck me till date! Here’s why your film KKHH ruined my concept of love and here are many why’s and still I watch KKHH even now and still mouth dialogues which I know by-heart.

Why pyaar Dosti hai! Why kuch kuch Hota hai Tum nai samjhoge is the line in my bucket list! Why hum Ek baar jeete hai Ek baar maarte is true!

Today marks 20 years of my favourite film KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI.. this was the first SRK film I saw in school, at that time I didn’t even know what the dialogues or the depth of the roles meant.. as I grew up I watched it all over again and since then till date I cherish this film, this film became a benchmark to my ideologies over love, friendship, marriage and till date everything revolves around the dialogues. If anyone ever asks me.. pyaar kya hai, prompt comes my reply, prompt comes my reply, “pyaar dosti hai, agar woh mera sabse Accha dost nai ban sakta toh mujhe usse pyaar nai hoga”, and it goes on..Obviosuly no one takes me seriously when I say this but then I also add AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL to it sayin, Pyaar Junoon hai toh Dosti sukoon hai. And my logic of love in friendship is courtesy Karan Johar!

When I grew up I realized how Rahul so easily made her bestie his life partner.. but also how, Tina said to Rahul during Laal Dupta sequence, ‘Anjali, mein Rahul ka pyaar toh ban gaye par uski dost nai ban paye,’ thereofore Pyaar dosti hai and at the end Rahul and Anjali get married. Rahul contradicted his own lines, Hum Ek baar jeete hai Ek baar marte hai pyaar Ek Baar Hota hai... and he himself married twice and loved twice.. movies are myth.. As this film completes two decades I have matured with the concept of love and friendship.. but still this will and shall forever be my fav film.. I have also said SRK in person that my fav film is KKHH.. last but not the least.. kuch kuch Hota hai... Tum nai samjhoge.. this line is my bucket list and I shall say this to a guy. (Crazily filmy).. #PyaarDostiHai agar woh mera sabse dost nai hoga toh mujhe usse pyaar nai hoga!

Thanks Karan for all the love, hope, friendship bands, dialogues, and many more wonderful memories with KKHH 20 years has passed and still whenever I see the film I have something new in my head! This generation will never understand what it is to be born in the era of KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI!
With love

A writer, and a fan of KKHH!

KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI goes on and on….

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