PADMAAVAT Row: B-town laments fringe groups for attacking school bus

Controversies surrounding PADMAAVAT refuses to end. Even though Supreme Court gave a clear mandate that every state will have to ensure a smooth screening of PADMAAVAT (that releases today) we fail to understand how can the fringe groups still continue to protest blatantly against the Apex court’s verdict?

So far B-town sparsely supported Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his fight against the fringe groups but as today a school bus carrying kids and staffs was attacked by these fringe groups in Gurugram in the name of protest, it led to B-town harshly lamenting against the attack on innocent kids and they took to social media to express their anger against the Government as well as the fringe groups.

You can read their posts below:


Raveena Tandon

Proud day for the #KarniSena “men”???  Why the hell aren’t they in Jail!???


Huma Qureshi ‏

This is terrorism #KarniSena must be banned. Will someone take any action on this violence against innocents ?


Ashoke Pandit

Why are the opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechury, Mayawati, Malayan Singh Yadav,Akhilesh Yadav, Digvijay Singh & other leaders silent on the anarchy created by #KarniSena. ? Or are they afraid of 


Raj Kundra

We call ourself progressive India?? … disgusted by this news! I would personally hang the cultprits! Saving honour of your past you messing up your present and future and attack a bus full of kids? No REAL Rajput would do something so terrible! Shame on you!


Sudhir Mishra

The audience ,,the public , are also responsible for the shit that is slowly destroying our souls .

Shirish Kunder

Whatever little honour was left, has also been lost by attacking a school bus of children.


Ranvir Shorey

Absolute #shame. #BharatBananaHai

Shruti Seth

When you can make innocent children your target, then you’ve clearly lost yourselves to mindless rage. Shame!


Anubhav Sinha



Anubhav Sinha

Not Anarchy Pandit ji. This is TERRORISM. Also now I wonder if this is how our law and order machinery deals with the miscreants in Kashmir too.