Pakistanis eager to see 'Taj Mahal' movie

Download Tajmahal WallpapersPeople in Pakistan are eagerly awaiting the Indian film "Taj Mahal" that will be released across the country April 28 and stars Sonya Jehan, the granddaughter of legendary singer Noorjehan.

Sonya plays the lead role of Mumtaz Mahal in this high-budget film. She had confessed that being cast as the heroine for such a big film was "a huge challenge".

Producer-director Akbar Khan formally announced the launch of the film in Pakistan at a function in Karachi and thanked the government for making it possible, according to the Daily Times.

"Taj Mahal carries a strong message of love and I am here to convey it to the people of Pakistan," he said.

Khan said the move to allow screening of the film would promote cultural exchanges as well as friendly ties between Pakistan and India.

Proceeds from the film will be donated to Pakistan for the victims of last year's earthquake that killed nearly 75,000 people and left about three million homeless. Pakistani Rs.6.5 million ($108.5 million) have already been given to the government.

Stating that the Pakistan film industry did not lack in talent and skills, Khan hoped that India and Pakistan would go in for co-productions in the future.