Pankaj Tripathi believes in improvisation

Pankaj Tripathi (Pic: Courtesy: IMDb)

Being a stage actor taught actor Pankaj Tripathi the art of improvisation, something that he has continued to apply in his film career too.

To improvise, you must be spontaneous, aware, have a sense of humour and a social satirical sense, says the actor, acclaimed for films like "MASAAN", 'GURGAON" and "NEWTON".

"There are lot of factors that come into play when improvising. Most of all one must fully be there in the scene. You cannot wait for a cue. It is after many years of experience, working in good theatre plays, with great teachers and working on one's craft will an actor be able to improvise.

"I try and do it with every film. I have lines that audiences love and that have clicked with them, all of which have been improvised," he said in a statement.

A National School of Drama alumnus, Pankaj's latest movie to release is "STREE", which stars Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead.