Paresh Rawal: Unfair to judge Narendra Modi's work in mere 3 months

Paresh Rawal: Unfair to judge Narendra Modi's work in mere 3 months news
img By Rachana Sheth | 04 Sep 2014 10:42:46.7830000 IST

With PM Narendra Modi being questioned on his popular slogan Ache Din Aane Wale Hain, actor-turned-politician Paresh Rawal feels it’s unfair to judge a person’s work in mere three months’ span.


Paresh forthrightly says, “People don’t have anything to talk about so they are questioning. See, people should understand one thing that Modi sahab aaye toh yeh nahi ki summer mein garmi kum ho jaayegi. Here’s one man who’s trying his best and working hard for a country, whose condition is not so good at the moment. It’s been mere three months and there are so many analyses already. At least give him some time. For 60 years we didn’t say anything and now everyone is pointing fingers. People need some or other thing to pass comments on.”

Ask what all he could learn from politics and Paresh says without mincing his words, “There is lot to learn from politics. Ironically, our so-called strength ‘diversity’ is only our weakness. We have too many issues but somebody has to take a stand and work towards it. And it will happen gradually. Things can’t change overnight. We don’t have political will because we are corrupt from within.”

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Juggling between both the worlds (i.e. acting and political career), ask Paresh how he manages his time and he says, “Time management is the easiest thing to do. You can well manage things. I don’t see a problem in it. In fact, when I am doing plays, people often come to me and ask how I juggle between both the worlds (Theatre and Films)? On the contrary I tour for 2-3 months and don’t even face any problem. Surprising as it may sound to you, I don’t even have a secretary to manage all this, which sounds impossible being in Bollywood. For more than two decades I have done everything without any secretary in Bollywood. I personally look after my work and have not faced any issues or stress till date. In fact, it is very easy.”
Did he develop political interest because of Modi’s emergence? “I believe in him truly and I’ve seen him working. I used to think in what way can I contribute to his work. So my aim to join politics was to contribute in whatever little way I could for Modi sahab,” Paresh concludes.