Parineeti Chopra: I don’t have to ask Arjun before I hug or kiss him!

Parineeti Chopra has carved a niche for herself, her 10 films have released so far and she hasn’t changed a bit she has her own charm and essence which she bring in every role, surprisingly none of the roles that she has done is what she is in real life. From her first film ISHQZAADE to her 10th film NAMASTE ENGLAND her chemistry with Arjun Kapoor has changed over the years. From being co-stars being good friends Arjun and Parineeti have known each other for the longest time.
In conversation with Parineeti as she talks about her journey in Bollywood to her choice of films and how her friendship with has Arjun Kapoor evolved!

Excerpts from the interview!

How much do you relate to the character?
Really to be honest not much actually. people felt that I’m sort of relatable to the roles which I played in my first few movies, they assumed I’m today’s girl. But I’m not that kind of girl in real life. I’m a vulnerable person like I played it in NAMASTE ENGLAND and GOLMAAL AGAIN. I believe that I had done an outstanding acting that people really feel that I’m relatable to my characters. Jasmeet is a selfish person when it comes down to fulfill her dreams. She can hurt anyone to accomplish her dreams and desires. I’m not that kind of a person. For me, my people are the most important assets in the world.

This is your second film with Arjun Kapoor, how has your bond changed over the years with him?
As a person, he has become more open now he talks and shares, he is more expressive with his thoughts and feelings than he was earlier. Earlier we have to guess what he is feeling or what is he thinking. Then no one knew us much, it was our first film and this is our 10th film. Now people recognize us. We’ve got that stardust but despite that, our friendship is still stronger and honest. In fact we share a deeper bond today. I feel that people love to watch us together, there is a social media mission going on. ArjunNeeti campaign! Besides that, Arjun’s dadi has created a blast! Right from ISHQZAADE, she loved us o as an on-screen couple. After watching the trailer of NAMASTE ENGLAND, Dadi was like; she’s the one, a typical Punjabi girl. And Arjun is like, Dadi control, stop thinking all this crap! But unfortunately I don’t have dates, I’m extremely busy. As an actor, he has evolved to a great extent. He was talented from day 1 but now, he has understood the expectations of audience. Not only him, but even that thing has evolved with me as well.

She went on to say
Arjun has now become more vocal and he is no more a dead pan, as he is a friend it has become easier to shoot a love story with a friend like Arjun Kapoor. I need not warn him before doing any physical scene, I need not tell him that I will hug you or kiss you. I can simply go with my flow. There’s no space for discomfort with him. We’re very close emotionally as well as physically. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with other co-stars but there’s always a discussion with other actors unlike Arjun Kapoor. I personally know him so well, in return he understands me damn well so that chemistry in mind-blowing. With other co-stars it’s more like I need to warn them!

What was the reason behind choosing England as a place of shoot?
Director had dabbled with various locations and then it boiled down to England, I was on board early while Arjun didn’t got his visa for Canada (laughs). So Canada just didn’t feel right for our story. The original script always demanded England as a location. Canada never suited the idea of the film. There are several Indian communities residing so it felt true to the story

After doing a multi-starrer film has the outlook of Bollywood changed for you?

Of course yes! Now people living in Pan Indian recognize me well. They recognize me as Khushi Didi LMAO! I was like before this I’d done nine more films, what about that. But yeah it’s a great feeling though.

Bollywood is shaken up with the momentum of #MeToo. Whats your take on that?
My statement to all the accused will remain constant that they don’t deserve to be a part of our Industry. There are several actors who came in front and said that we will stop working once the claims are proven. But my question is how these claims will be proved? Especially the one’s which happened in 90s. There were no CCTV cameras at that time. And how can you expect the victim to show you a recording. IF someone is been attacked, her primary aim would be to defend herself and not to record it or gather proofs. For now I feel that none of us should work with all those who are accused. And the offender should be punished as severely as possible.

Recently several shoots have been cancelled, production house has shut down, what do you have to say about it?

Not at all! I think that shutting down a production house or abandoning a film shoot is not a solution. Replacing the accused actor, director or producer is the solution. There are so many people working in a production house or in a film, what about them? Just avoid working with the accused and not the rest. It’s like a men raped a women so ban all the men. What’s the point? Punish the offender not the entire production, there are many people involved, it’s their daily wage.

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