PARMANU’s ‘Shubh Din’ glorifies India’s greatest military achievement!

Though it was a long wait, but worth it, as John Abrahamn’s PARMANU-THE STORY OF POKHRAN unveiled the first song, ‘Shubh Din’, which indeed presented a true and thrilling insight into India’s greatest military achievement, the nuclear tests conducted in Pokhran. Composed by Sachin-Jigar, the song is a celebratory, patriotic number rejoicing India’s triumph and is Rajasthani folk based (lyrically as well by VAYU), keeping in mind the backdrop of the film and is rendered well by Jyotica Taangri and Keerthi Sagathia . The video traces the story of the historic Pokhran nuclear tests and has interesting and captivating visuals from the film and commences with a handsome John Abraham reaching Rajasthan and the earnest preparations with his focussed team, and ends on a triumphant note with John ‘s monologue, ‘Ab hum dar ke nahin baithenge, Kar ke baithenge’. Truly fascinating and awe inspiring as one watches the world bowing to India’s greatest nuclear triumph, against all odds.


Sajni raahein mangal gaavein
Mann upji phulwari re
Saaje gaaje baaje goonje
Sapno ri yue kilkari re
Van upvan abhinandan karta
Chhayin dhaka panihari re
Shakkar phaanko
Jhaanki jhaanko
Hui jashan ki yeh taiyari re
Mann alsaayo ghan barsayo
Mann sukhwalo jee re…

Aayo re shubh din aayo re…
Aayo re shubh din aayo re…

Kesariyo rangeelo aayo
Sooraj so chamkeelo aayo
Kesariyo rangeelo aayo
Sooraj so chamkeelo aayo

O din ye pyaaro kismat walo aayo re
O din ye pyaaro kismat walo aayo re

Padharo re…
Padharo ji ae…

Mangal gaavo – shubh din aayo
Bali bali jaao – shubh shubh din aayo
Misri baanto – shubh din aayo
Jhoomo naacho – shubh shubh din aayo
Arey lok phurao – shubh din aayo
Rang udaao – shubh shubh din aayo
Phool sajao – shubh din aayo
Jashan Manao…
Aao jee…