Patralekhaa: I can't go after people for work

Cute and beautiful actor, Patralekhaa started her career with CITYLIGHTS, wherein she played a non-commercial role post which she stunned everyone with her bold act in LOVE GAMES. She made her impact in web series of Subhash Chandra Bose’s life 'Bose: Dead/ Alive'.

Apart from her professional life her personal life is also in news, her relationship with Rajkummar is not hidden and they are often seen with each other.

Patralekhaa will now be seen in NANU KI JAANU with Abhay Deol.

In conversation with Patra as she speaks about her next film NANU KI JAANU, her relationship with Rajkummar, her trust with ‘good’ scripts and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

Why a horror comedy genre like NANU KI JAANU?
It's very difficult to get good scripts. The scripts that come to me are not great. I was waiting for a nice one, a good script from the 10-15 that are offered is a blessing, and this was one of them. I want to be a good actress. I am offered work but not so many that I can choose from. What's stopping me is that there are no good projects coming my way. That makes me angry. People wouldn't even tell me, honestly. Maybe they are confused, 'Is she a good actor or is she not?' I don't know... Also, I am not a very pushy person. I feel if there's work, someone will call me, but I can't go after people for work. I think people see through that. NANU KI JAANU is a sweet and endearing film. I had so much fun doing it. Both my previous films were heavy and high on drama, so this was super fun. It is in a very happy space, something I relate to the most.

How has the waiting period been do you feel left out?
The waiting period doesn't frustrate me because there are so many things to do. I watch films. I travel, I have learnt dancing, there are these acting workshops that I attend.

After LOVE GAMES what kind of projects were you offered? Were it bold roles?
I wasn’t comfortable with the act, somehow I didn’t connect with the role, post which I was offered roles of similar kind which I didn’t like. It didn't work for me, it tanked because I wasn't comfortable. I know I didn't do a good job, it wasn't my space. I can't blame anyone else for it because I was the person at fault. I shouldn't have taken up that film. I didn't do justice to it.

Does Rajkummar Rao help you in selecting films?
We do discuss about each other's work, but we don’t get much involved. We have our own space and there are so many other things to do. He is always busy and shooting and out of town and when he is there we indulge in watching movie, web series.

Does it bother you when people talk about Raj to you?
I feel that just because we are open in media about our relationship, people talk about it so much, and its like I too have my work and I would want to talk about that.