Patralekhaa to play Bengali girl in Pradeep Sarkar's film


CITY LIGHTS actress Patralekhaa is excited about playing a Bengali girl in ARRANGED MARRIAGE, a short film directed by Pradeep Sarkar as part of an anthology.

"I am doing this short film for a bigger picture, which has got four stories. It's an anthology film with Pradeep Sarkar. I am playing the role of a Bengali girl in the movie, which is set in Kolkata," Patralekhaa told IANS.

The film will also be shot in Kolkata.

"We will start shooting it this month-end, and it's a 10-15 days' shoot," the actress added.

Meanwhile, Sarkar's forthcoming movie is HELICOPTER EELA starring Kajol in the lead role as an aspiring singer and single mother.