Pia Bajpai: I am ready for bold scenes

Pia Bajpai: I am ready for bold scenes news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 27 Mar 2017 14:11:37.1200000 IST

Gorgeous, sparkling, and bubbly, Pia Bajpai has done various films down south. Right in her debut film LAAL RANG opposite Randeep Hooda she won over everyone’s hearts with her charming looks, svelte figure and fine acting. She further went on to do a short film THE VIRGINS and garnered accolades. Now the pretty petite is gearing up for MIRZA JULIET starring Darshan Kumar and Priyanshu Chatterjee alongside. Not coming from a filmy background or having any Godfather in the industry, the talented small town actress made it her own in the ocean-like industry. In conversation with Pia, as she spoke about her hardships, struggle to make it to Bollywood, and even got candid about going bold on screen and much more...

Here are the excerpts:


Have you acquired any special training to get into Bollywood?

I haven’t done anything special as of now. I am a learner and I learn & grasp things as and when I act. I didn’t really have enough money to ever take a formal training in acting as I am not filthy rich. However, soon I will pursue a course in acting from abroad. Nevertheless I am a trained dancer.

So tell us about the qualities that makes you stand apart from other actors?
I am very patient, focused, I don’t gossip, and above all I know how to survive in any given situation and I am adaptable.

What is the best part about being in this profession?
The best part about being in this profession is you get to learn a lot and you grow every single day.

One film which inspired you to become an actor?
To be honest, no film has inspired me to become an actor.

Do you feel that films have the potential to bring in social change?
It depends on films and also the subject as well. I believe change happens at individual level.

Do you think Bollywood is a male-dominated industry? Are you fine with actresses being paid less than their male counterparts?
I don’t think it’s completely male dominated. There are two sides of a coin. Everyone’s journey is different and it depends on individual. I can’t comment on payment issues.

If not an actor, then what would you have been?
I always wanted to be an actor. But if not an actor, I might have been a model or a dancer.

'Don’t think Bollywood is completely male dominated industry'

One thing that you will refrain doing onscreen?
There is nothing that I feel I will refrain from doing. If the script demands I will do it. I won’t do anything for the heck of it. I want to take up each and every role as I don’t want to get stereotyped.

Are you comfortable doing bold scenes?
I am completely fine and okay with bold scenes, only if the role demands and if it doesn’t look vulgar.

Tell us about your struggle to become a star?
I don’t belong to a family of entertainment. The road hasn’t been easy for me. There have been loads of struggle and I have learnt it hard way. From doing films down south to choosing a certain project everyday has been a learning experience. I am thankful to Almighty that just being two films old in Bollywood, people appreciate my work.

Like you said you have struggled a lot, can you shed light on your journey to films?
When you are an outsider in an unknown city, it’s just not about searching for work, but also earning a livelihood for survival. It’s very struggling & taxing personally to run your house and simultaneously hunt for roles.

Love or career what would you choose? Would you give up your career for love?
If love is true it will help in my career to grow. If love doesn’t help you grow it’s not love.

5 best filmmakers of Bollywood according to you?
I can’t name them. It’s unfair. All the filmmakers are different and unique in their own way and each one has their own style.

The 5 best works of Indian Cinema?
I loved QUEEN, DIRTY PICTURE, FASHION, and DANGAL. I also loved DANISH GIRL it’s a beautiful film.

Name 5 best actors of Bollywood?
All the actors are good and multi-talented however I find Randeep Hooda, Irrfan khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajkummar Rao, Aamir Khan best.

5 actors according to you, who should get their due in Bollywood?
I think, Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajkummar Rao, Manoj Bajypee and Vidyut Jammwal.