Pixion created magic for NAMASTEY LONDON

Namastey London Movie PosterNAMASTEY LONDON, the blockbuster entertainer underwent the Digital Intermediate process at Pixion, the leading state of Art Post Production facility in India.

The movie, a Romantic Comedy was shot in the beautiful greens of Punjab and the unpredictable weather of London eventually needed to be colour graded at Pixion. The Film being what it is, there was no room for experimental grades and fancy single tone colours. Jonathan Bloom the Director of Photography of the film envisioned a very straight forward grade and the directions from Mr. Vipul A Shah were very clear, he wanted London to be appealing to the people in India and Punjab to be appealing to the NRI?s abroad.

The film was shot well and all the constraints the production had, were manageable in the colour matching process. However, the London weather, which changes by the hour, guaranteed that there were some tough times on the matching of the scenes. However through time and repeated tries the DI process used at Pixion ensured a systematic approach to handle such scenes. Despite the fact that there was no room for creative grades and experimental colours, the team at Pixion worked out a brilliant bluish tone for a futuristic scene of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, the stars of the film. The sequence was presented to Mr. Vipul A Shah for his inputs and he instantly approved of it. Another experimental grade was done to the ?Chakna Chakna? song, which was given the golden yellowish brown look. For the Punjab sequences, a technicolor look was decided upon and the results were amazing.

Mr. Vipul Amrutlal Shah states, ?Pixion is a studio which makes you feel at home, their work ethics are very strong and commitment levels are extra ordinary.?

?It has been a great pleasure to have been associated with Mr. Vipul A Shah on this prestigious project. His amazing clarity of approach and desire for perfection has been our sole motivator and we look forward to many more such occasions when he would allow us to be an integral part of his team,? said Naresh Malik, CEO Pixion.