Piya Behrupiya is a musical extravagance with a dose of laughter!

Theater is by far the oldest form of entertainment and we can’t deny the fast that live act with live music and lights never fail to charm us. Renowned actor, RJ, anchor Mantra Mugdh never fails to charm us in every act. One can’t forget the spectacular Geine that he essayed in Aladdin, yet again he seized our heart in  Piya Behrupiya.

Piya Behrupiya is a musical and comical adaptation in Hindi of William Shakespeare's best known romantic comedies Twelfth Night. Piya Behrupiya is a two and half hours play which is a pure delight to watch, the musical romantic comedy is beautiful, soulful with live sufi music sing by performers and the entire colorful set up is mind-blowing.

Each and every actor makes your heart go out for them,’ from being humorous to live singing the actors entertained the audience like never before. Piya Behrupiya is adapted by Amitosh Nagpal and is directed by Atul Kumar.

Amitosh Nagpal  plays Sebastian and delights with an originality of its own and takes us on a personal ride and cracks relatable jokes.

As per the story line, Viola (Geetanjali Kulkarni) has a twin brother Sebastian, but it is believed that he was dead and she changes her get up to a guy as Cesario as she gives service to Duke Orsino (Sagar Deshmukh). Viola falls in love with  but he is in love with Lady Olivia (Mansi Multani) who in turn is mourning the deaths of her father and brother and claims that she has nothing to do with any suitors. With mistaken identities and comedy of errors the story has three couples with chaos, confusion love and music.

Furthermore we see Olivia's uncle, Sir Toby (Gagan Riar) and their helpers conspire and falsely present a love letter to Malvolio (Saurabh Nayyar)  and makes him believe that his Lady Olivia desires to marry him.

The twist in the paradise is  when Lady Olivia, forgets her grief falls  as she is in love with Cesario. While  Cesario who is Viola is in love with Duke fails to confess him.Moving towards to the end Viola's missing brother Sebastian turns up and we see hearts melting.

It’s a happy ending for all. What captivates us is all the characters sing sufi songs and are impromptu with their dialogues

Everyone is at par with each other, Mantra is powerful as simpleton Sir Andrew Aguecheek, companion to Sir Toby, and also in love with Lady Olivia, his dialogues, humor timings and singing is on point and is to the point.

Needless to say Geetanjali Kulkarni is a power house of talent actor, her dual role is mesmerizing and the way she sang pre- interval will moist your eyes. Mansi Multani's Lady Olivia’s unique voice and Punjabi sets her apart. Trupti Khamkar, resembling the archetype of a gaon ki chori (a village belle) plays Lady Olivia's maid with a zest of her own. Geetanjali Kulkarni plays Cesario, Viola's act is funny and she manages it well. Sagar Deshmukh's persona of Duke Orsino however complements her well. 

Amod Bhatt and Rahul Sharma's live music, aided by Rachel D'Souza and Trisha Kale, set the tone right.. Neha Saraf who plays the clown Feste is a show-stealer. Undoubtly this show is like a welcome breeze of fun and laughter and high musical notes, this is indeed a must watch play! The Company Theatre's Piya Behrupiya was performed on April 13 at Prithvi Theatre.

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@mantramugdh steals the show in #piyabehrupiya

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Mantra Mugdh

Mantra Mugdh steals the show in Piya Behrupiya

Mantra Mugdh

Mantra Mugdh and team shines at Piya Behrupiya play!