PM Selfiewallie is light hearted take on Indian youth and political system!

Balaji’s head honcho, Ekta Kapoor has ruled Bollywood, television and now web series. Her production ALT balaji has some choicest of web shows like 'Kehne Ko humsafar hai', 'Bose:Dead/Alive', 'Karle Tu bhi mohabbat', 'Haq Se', 'The test case', and many.

Yet another show is set to stream from tomorrow, 'PM Selfiewallie' , wherein newbie Nityami Shirke would be playing the lead. Along with her there is ace veteran actor, Beena Banerjee who essays the role of politician.

The show is a fun satire on the political as well as the youth in Indian, wherein actor Beena plays dadi of Tanya (Nityami).

Dadi aka PM has been accused of several charges and she needs to step down to give way to someone dumb from her strong party so that all her charges are waved off. She uses her strategy and calls her grand daughter Tanya who is dumb, a fashionista and the YGen x, She cant speak Hindi well. She is all mod, takes selfies, is a social media freak and has absolutely no idea about politics, she isn’t even aware who the PM of India is.

As Tanya would stay in London she has no clue about India’s political system. As her father passed away, Dadi plots a political game that a Thakur should be heir of the PM throne and her grand daughter who has no clue about politics can be manipulated to be as the PM.

Tanya has her two friends, one who is her girl BFF and the other one is a guy gay bestie, who are with her throughput they too are same as Tanya,

Somehow Tanya agrees to meet her Dadi and decides to elect for PM, the cute and dumb girl doesn’t know anything and applies her common sense and stands to win an election in a village as she organizes a fashion show exhibiting the jewels that villagers were and in return she gives the money to the villagers, seeing her this act the villagers cast her vote and she wins a seat.

Somehow she becomes the PM and decides to meet the only terrorist alive and Tanya gets into candid confession with her and takes selfie with her.

Her funny, insane and immature act garners her appreciation. She is young 25 years old PM, she wears hot clothes, she is the youth of the country, gets into fair practices, but doesn’t know the rules of the game.

PM selfie wali is not a high intense serious drama, its fun, quirky, light hearted and portrays the youth of India the # (hastag), selfie and social media generation, however it also shows their modesty and honesty, how they resolve major issues with innocence.

The newbie in the series does complete justice to the role, while veteran actor Beena marks her debut with web series has an impactful role. There are several moments wherein you will crack up and use emojis that we all use and certainly this show will make you smile and think.
This one is surely a fun ride and a must watch. The intriguing story revolves around the life of a fun, young teenage NRI girl who has no idea she's in line to be the next Prime Minister of the country. A perfect example of irony, Tanya’s life turns comical and mysterious; and then some shocking surprises make it an adventurous and exceptional journey. How all of this leads her to the chair of the PM of India? How Sanya and her entourage deal with the comical adventures of her life and what it takes to be the youngest PM of India?

It’s a must watch for every youth!

A still from PM Selfiewallie
A still from PM Selfiewallie