Prakash Jha on ''nepotism rocks'' controversy!

Prakash Jha on ''nepotism rocks'' controversy! news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 20 Jul 2017 11:40:37.1370000 IST

Karan Johar has yet again landed himself in pickle. The directors' jibe at Kangana Ranaut in IIFA 2017 has created a stir and the filmmaker is being trolled brutally for his ''nepotism rocks'' chants at the event, which was meant to be taken as a joke but fortunately or unfortunately it wasn't.


In a recent interview filmmaker Prakash Jha was asked about his opinion on the recent ''nepotism rocks'' controversy, he said, ''Whose view on nepotism can be good? Any proper-thinking person's views will not be good. Talent should be respected, especially for other gender. You get respect when you respect others.''

The director also expressed his views that talent in all forms and across genders should be respected and nurtured. We hope at least now Karan Johar learns to act wisely and in accordance of his upbringing which he keeps talking about every now and then.