Preity Zinta: I was told Rani Mukerji would do a desi role better

Preity Zinta is coming back to films after a long gap, she will be seen with Sunny Deol in BHAIYAJI SUPERHIT. Although Preity stayed away from celluloid she was busy with IPL and marriage.

As she is back we caught up with her for a hour long interview and dimpled beauty as she opened about her life post marriage, how has the industry changed, cricket and more.

Pretty Preity revealed how she was offered the film BHAIYAJI SUPERHIT, “When this film was offered to me, I had stopped working in films. I have been in cricket for all this while, and when I heard this script - I was like this is so not me, ‘ye toh mai bilkul hi nahi karungi’. If you look at my career graph, every role was character driven, maybe one or two films I did to build a house, or someone forced me to do for a relationship otherwise every film I have done is for a story or a character.”

She further went on to say, “So, at one stage of my life I went to filmmakers who are my friends and asked why ain’t they casting me in a desi role, they were like no, that’s not your personality and I was like I am an actor, and that was probably I thought now I want to do something else, because when you are up there, been there, done that, and you have even worked with Yash Chopra you want to experiment, but that time was not of experiment, whenever I wanted to do some desi role, they used to say no Rani Mukerji will do it well. I thought all my life I was looking for a desi role and now that I have got one I am saying no to it, this film has all that I haven’t done before, it was sindoor, saree, all my life I have done this modern role, but in my heart I am the biggest desi, so I said ok, I will do this role. Also, thanks to this movie, that I decided I want to do more movies because I actually forget how much fun it was to do movies. "

When asked her did she feel like an outsider ever,to which she avers, “ I have always done things for myself but even within that I had very strong guidelines, I am not going to wear bad clothes, I am not going to do cheap films, somebody came to me with a film and said, ‘4 gaane hai and so and so hero hai,’ I was like sorry I am not doing this film. I needed a script not because I thought I am better than anybody else, but I knew I wasn’t prepared or good as anybody else so, I had to work harder and for that, I needed a good script for a base. When I had entered films, lots of people told, ‘isko kaha se utha ke laaye ho?’ Yeh kaha se khadi hogi, Saroj ji used to scold me like anything, khadi bhi nahi ho sakti, yeh kya karegi, but I learned everything. I have only done 2 films in 90’s and 30 films were done in 2000, I am saying this because 90 was a different era, you never had content based films, 80’s and 90’s wore about the heroes and 4 gaane. When I had come to the films, my friends made a lot of fun of me, they were like oh my you will also wear white saree and dance in the rain and all that, because I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself in front of the world and I was a criminal psychology student, I wanted to do a character driven story, so there is something fresh if you are an outsider, you haven’t gone through film condition. Film conditioning is cinematic liberty, non film conditioning is unless it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t fly, so for me it has to make sense, so anything that I felt was little vulgar and awkward I used to say I am not doing it, I was lucky that I had got success at the beginning of my career, so people never asked me to shut up when I demanded a change.”


Despite being a non-conventional actor back then, she became a star with films like HAR DIL JO PYAAR KAREGA , VEER ZARA, SOLDIER and many more, when asked her did she ever feel like a star at any point to which she says,\"I never had the attachment of this STAR word, I always feel you are a star because somebody writes an amazing dialogue for you, there are 200 people working on you, right from, costumes, lights, make up, hair and lot of things, you are the reflection of that 200 people’s vision and if you start believing that you are star you are a cuckoo, because in this industry the highs are very high and the lows are very low, so I always tried to be very neutral, touchwood, I had more of highs and very few lows, which made me learn to keep myself very grounded.\"

Here’s wishing Preity Zinta all the very best for her future endeavours!