Priety in splits over split rumours

Download Preity Zinta WallpapersPreity Zinta is amused by the fresh round of rumours about her split with long-term beau Ness Wadia. The latest one doing the rounds is that the couple had a massive showdown in Kuala Lumpur during the Zee awards, over Ness' mom Maureen Wadia.

Preity is absolutely flummoxed.

"Who is spreading these stories? In fact Ness wasn't even there with me at the Zee awards. My cousin and business manager Inder had accompanied me. If he looked like Ness to the people in Kuala Lumpur then they need to drink less, or maybe add more power to their contact lenses. You can confirm with the organisers that Ness was nowhere on the scene," Preity told IANS.

Preity refuses to say any more on the matter. But according to a very close friend of the couple, there's absolutely no problem between Preity and Maureen.

"They get along famously. It may sound exciting to have two glamorous women fighting over a man. But the fact is, there's absolutely no tension between the two. Preity is very fond of her boyfriend's mother. Touchwood, her relationship with Ness is proceeding on course," said the friend.

"The reason why she doesn't speak about Ness and his family is because they're no part of the entertainment business. They guard their privacy fiercely. Preity respects their space and is happy not to disrupt the status quo in any way," the friend added