Priyank Sharma fudes over his ex Divya Agarwal

Subtle, smart and straightforward, that’s how you can sum up Television hunk Priyank Sharma’s latest social media post on his ex Divya Agarwal. The actor took to social media to share a post venting out his disgust against the on-going allegations against him. The post comes in the wake-up Divya Agarwal’s consistent rant against Priyank in the show MTV Ace of Space.

For those who know, Divya Agarwal has been consistently speaking against her ex Priyank Sharma right from the time she entered MTV Ace of Space. From accusing him of cheating in their relationship to disrespecting her, Divya revealed shocking details about Priyank in the show much to the amazement of the audience. Handsome hunk Varun Sood has been her partner in this who also vehemently ranted against his ex Benafsha Soonawalla.


With things steaming up beyond the limit, Priyank Sharma has finally broken his silence on social media. While he doesn’t name her, it’s clear who he is referring to. In the below post, he talks about how Divya should be thankful for what Priyank has done for her career and not accuse him falsely. Priyank states how he has no hard feelings for Divya and wants her to win the show. Interestingly, he thanks Benafsha Soonawala at the end of the post as he asks Divya to put an end to the matter and make peace.