Priyanka Chopra’s hattrick with Quantico!

Priyanka Chopra has been dazzling the Hollywood industry with her role in BAYWATCH along with Zach Afron and Dwayne Johnson all this followed after her super success in ‘Quantico’, a show about an FBI a team of FBI agents and one of them goes rogue.

‘Quantico’ has been well received and is a popular show among Indian and foreign audiences alike. The show propelled her into stardom at the Hollywood stage with Priyanka making appearances all over the US with talk show interviews and red carpets.

Priyanka Chopra revealed the poster for ‘Quantino’ season 3, showing that the show is going from strength to strength.

The show tells the story of Alex Parish portrayed by Priyanka Chopra and other FBI recruits who learn to be the best and one of them betrays them, the show opened up with the aftermath of the devastation caused and goes back to the beginning of their journey.

Priyanka, who has already established her dominance in the Bollywood industry is now taking the Hollywood industry by storm.

The success of ‘Quantico’ has propelled Priyanka’s stardom to new heights and with the continuation of the show it can be certain that she does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.