Priyanka unfazed by gossip

Download  Aitraaz WallpapersRising Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra is unfazed by media speculation regarding her relationship with actor Akshay Kumar.

"We are very good friends and our relationship has not been affected by those reports. I'm least affected by gossip because I know that it's false," the actress told IANS.

Priyanka is adamant that it is the media that generates the so-called speculation. "I'm ready to talk about my love life. The only problem is that I'm not seeing anyone."

But why has she refrained from signing any films with Akshay after they were romantically linked by the media? After all, Akshay, who was to play the lead in "Barsaat", was replaced by Bobby Deol.

Priyanka is indignant. "That is rubbish! Akshay's dates were cancelled and that's why he couldn't do the movie."

She has been dancing continuously for three days on the sets of her movie, "Barsaat". Along with Bipasha Basu and 50 odd extras, she is filming an energetic dance number for the track "Sajan Sajan".

Asked if she has had enough, the star of "Mujhse Shaadi Karogi" replied, "Are you mad? I'm enjoying every take! Why should I get bored? Dance numbers normally take four days, so this is a done thing. I'm passionate about dancing and singing, so all this is a lot of fun for me."

Download  Aitraaz WallpapersShe talks excitedly about her latest release, "Aitraaz". "It's a very new age film for Indian audiences, quite progressive and bold. It's a very exciting story."

But isn't the story closely based on the Demi Moore starrer, "Disclosure"? "The story that I was told is very different from that of 'Disclosure'," she argues.

The much-hyped scene where Priyanka crosses and uncrosses her legs is surely inspired by Sharon Stone's infamous moves in "Basic Instinct"? Priyanka denies the association.

"The scene shows me in a different mood. I'm asking Akshay (Kumar) to join me for a drink and that's not a hot sexual act," she adds.

The actress found it difficult to get under the skin of the tough boss she plays in "Aitraaz".

Download  Aitraaz Wallpapers"She is very much the opposite of the person that I am. I play Sonia, an ambitious girl, who is in love with Akshay's character. She breaks up with him, because she doesn't want to get tied down by marriage. Later, when she's achieved her goals, she wants him back, even though he's married. She becomes obsessed with him."

Regarding her split with her secretary and his subsequent media statement, all she says is that she would rather wait for her former employee to prove his charges before making any further comments.

She adds, "The problem was that he was a finance broker and I had 12 movies which he could not handle. The dates were getting messed and that's how the problems started." Priyanka's financial matters are now handled by her father.

She has been signed for the sequel of "Koi Mil Gaya".

Priyanka is all smiles. "It's a great banner and I will be working with Hrithik for the first time. Also, science fiction flicks have always something interesting and exciting to offer," says the former Miss World.