Promotion kicks start for the biggest musical this summer - AKS

Himesh Reshammiya This summer is going to be special.

While there are big number of films slated to arrive one after another from April 27 once TA RA RUM PUM hits the screens, big time celebrations are expected
once the towering presence of Himesh Reshammiya is witnessed in his debut film AAP KA SURROOR.

The film was slated to arrive this June/July and the deadline has been maintained by director Prashant Chaddha as he readies his film up for release. The promotion of the film has begun by means of a teaser and if those few seconds of teaser are any indication, Prashant and Himesh truly have a winner up their sleeves.

The teaser give a good idea about AKS being a mix of action, drama, romance and a lot of emotions which means that audience can expect a masala entertainer in the offering. Coupled with the fact that Himesh and T-Series would leave no stone unturned to make both the music and movie as a smashing success, it won't be surprising if AKS gets a phenomenal box office success.