Purab Kohli: I respect journalism as a profession

Purab Kohli: I respect journalism as a profession news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 19 Apr 2017 17:10:07.7200000 IST

Purab Kohli is one of the most popular actors in B-town as well as on television. He was last seen playing a musician in Farhan Akhtar's ROCK ON 2 (2016), as well as television series POW. He will now be seen in a pivotal role in NOOR opposite Sonakshi Sinha.

In an exclusive conversation with Purab Kohli he spoke in length about his role and working with Sonakshi Sinha and more.


When asked Purab about his role in NOOR, he said, “I play a photo journalist in NOOR. What interested me to take up this role is it's really fascinating to see how these brave men risk their lives to capture such harsh moments for the world. The manner in which they narrate a story through photos, fascinates me.”

As you are seen as a Photo journalist in the film did you speak to journalists to get into the skin of the role to which he said, “I have been a VJ for 9 years and have been on the other side as well. I know many journos personally and professionally as well and I respect this profession a lot. As far as getting to know in-depth about photo journalism, Sunhil introduced me to documentary photographer Sudharak Olwe and his work is mind blowing.”

Speaking further he said, “My character looks up to Noor and there is story as to how he became a photo journalist.”

As Sonakshi and you are working together for the first time, how was it sharing screen space with her, “She is so warm and an amazing co-star to work with. It was delight working with her.”

On being quizzed if not an actor which other profession would he have opted for, Purab said, “I would have been an interviewer, taking interviews of celebs. I like talking to people, knowing about them.”

All the very best to Purab Kohli for NOOR!