PUZZLE Trailer: Irrfan Khan turns a puzzle champion

Irrfan Khan’s HINDI MEDIUM achieved global attention and success and made his global presence even more profound and he is set to feature in another Hollywood project by Director Marc Turtletaub’s PUZZLE.

Irrfan will be seen alongside actress Kelly Macdonald, the film tells the story of a Christian housewife who is bored of her ordinary life which keeps on troubling her and bothers her until she receives a puzzle box as a birthday gift, which in turn releases the side of her which she had buried within herself and faces resentment from her husband.

Agnes’s life takes a turn for the better, when she meets champion puzzler, Robert, played by Irrfan, who is looking for a partner for a jigsaw puzzle competition.  What unfolds is a beautiful relationship between two people who are connected by one important piece that sets in motion a true change in Agnes’s life.

The trailer looks absolutely mesmerizing and Irrfan seems to be all set to allure the audiences with his performance in PUZZLE.