R Balki on PAD MAN & PADMAAVAT clash: It can’t be Karni Sena V/S menstrual hygiene

Akshay Kumar’s PAD MAN was held up in clashes not once but thrice. Initially with Rajinikanth’s 2.0, followed by AIYAARY and eventually PADMAAVAT.

PAD MAN and PADMAAVAT were the biggest clashes of 2018. It so happened that both the films were arriving on January 26, 2018. However, PADMAAVAT makers pleaded the team of PAD MAN to push their release further. And PAD MAN was slated to release on February 9.

However, as R Balki and Akshay Kumar decided to push it further locked upon 9th Feb as release date, it was clashing with Sidharth’s AIYAARY. However, now AIYAARY has been pushed to February 16. And because of that PAD MAN will now enjoy a solo release.

In an exclusive conversation with R. Balki during the promotions of PAD MAN, when asked him was it bothersome that PAD MAN was in the midst of clashes earlier with PADMAAVAT and AIYAARY? he said, “Earlier 2.0 was supposed to come on 26 January and hence we had pushed PAD MAN to April because we can’t have two Akshay releases in the same week. When the plan for 2.0 changed we decided to come on 26 January. Then, AIYAARY decided to come on 26 January and we were fine because it’s a big enough day for two releases. Then PADMAAVAT announced the same date and besides being shrouded in controversies, we haven’t seen this kind of a mammoth project in recent past. Even those who had never seen any film in their life wanted to watch it and the film had already gone through a lot. PADMAAVAT team spoke to us and they needed the screens.”
He went on to say, “It needed all the screens it could get. For us the advantage was simple. We aren’t sure about the box office numbers but what we would have definitely lost out on is conversation. We wanted the conversation about menstrual hygiene, pads, but in this Karni Sena process we wouldn’t have gotten the room for this conversation to happen. It can’t be Karni Sena versus menstrual hygiene, and in this conversation, Karni Sena would win because they are more violent. How could I have fought with Karni Sena? PADMAAVAT was a country movement and not just a film. With the kind of limitations they had, they would have taken a long time to recover if they lost 2000 screens. So both of us cam”
When we asked about AIYAARY clash, he said further, “The AIYAARY team seemed a little upset with the clash initially with Sidharth (Malhotra) saying it could have been avoided he said, “I would just say that let’s have another press conference and apologize to each other. (laughs), I understand that nobody wants to have a clash but we were supposed to come together on 26 January originally. But even if we had come together both of us would have got the audience. But now what to do, there are only 365 days & 52 Fridays. I am not thinking much about a good date or bad date, for me conversation is most important.”
Indeed Balki is not only a smart filmmaker & storyteller but he is also sensible producer & a mature individual