R Madhavan: I wasn’t too keen on doing web series!


R. Madhavan has been one of the most loved actors of all time. After giving so many hits in down south, he became the chocolate hero for Bollywood when he debuted in RHTDM, since then he has donned various roles in Bollywood and kept his charm alive.
Apart from being a tough actor with traits of romantic actor he is also one of the most active persons on social media.
This is the first time, R. Madhavan is seen on digital space doing a web series,’Breathe’ is a thriller, a quest for a father to save his son’s life. Looking at the trailer viewers are perplexed if it’s a crime thriller.
R. Madhavan said that the show has a huge surprise value even if the audience already knows the killer.
Directed by Mayank Sharma, ‘Breathe’ is an eight-episode gritty psychological thriller which also features Sapna Pabbi. Amit Sadh and Neelima Kulkarni. The show will be released on Friday in three languages Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, across 200 countries and territories worldwide on Amazon Prime Original.
When asked Madhvan what made him take up web series, he said, “I wasn’t too keen in doing the web series. Since I am entering the digital entertainment first time, I was cautious about choice. I’d already worked with Vikram Malhotra (Producer), so when he narrated the script with an open mind, I decided to listen to the story, and thank god I did. This was an entry that nobody could have designed for me.”
Talking about web series he said, “We have to take certain things into the consideration from the audience’s end when they are searching for content. Watching a film in a theatre takes a lot of efforts from booking the ticket, driving the car, beat the traffic to reach to the theatre… So the content, the visual treatment, the star cast, everything has to be that perfect to bring the audience into the theatre,” he said.
Talking about the kid Atharva, who plays his son, Maddy said, “He is a power house of talent and has so much potential, I was stunned with his dialogue delivery he is so spontaneous.”