RA.ONE and deconstruction of the romantic hero

Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 29 Oct 2011 19:45:37 IST

After a really long time the Hindi film hero is shown on a bicycle trying to woo his girlfriend as Shah Rukh Khan is doing it in RA.ONE and it indeed has been a long time before a mainstream actor tried to do it on a bicycle. It was a sine quo non in the age of Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor but as cinema evolved and along with came new modes of communication, bicycle became a discounted commodity as a tool to express romance.

Indeed Shah Rukh Khan by choosing the bicycle, though it may be in a song in RA.ONE, and also driving a bicycle with a basket adorned with flowers as it used to happen with the bicycle of heroines in old days (one does not know whether it is a female bicycle) has again tried to break the stereotype image of romance associated in the Indian psyche. Even a male can woo a girl on a bicycle adorned with flowers.

Long -long time ago, it was Raj Kapoor in ANARI who had done this, i.e. he had chosen a female bicycle to woo Nutan but otherwise the film stars of Indian film industry, though they may have wooed their heroines on a bicycle never tried to use a female bicycle to do it. No wonder, even the cycle industry seems to be finding him a savior as he has been selected to be brand ambassador for a popular brand of bicycle.

On the eve of release of RA.ONE here is a trip down memory lane of few such bicycle moments.