RAABTA trailer: It's a love story of Sushant Singh and Kriti Sanon set in two different eras

RAABTA trailer: It's a love story of Sushant Singh and Kriti Sanon set in two different eras news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 17 Apr 2017 18:39:21.3430000 IST

After teasing the audience with their special ‘Raabta’ in the first look of the film here comes the trailer of this film which marks the debut of producer Dinesh Vijan into direction.

The trailer opens with clichéd romantic line “Oye Rani paas mat aana kahin pyaar na ho jaaye and you feel that this is yet another love story of happy-go-lucky couples and that’s the exact point where the trailer leaves you baffled with a twist in the tale.

RAABTA is not just a love story of couple, it is a story of how life, death, love and everything else is connected. On one hand we see the story of our Raja &  Rani Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Saira (Kriti Sanon) and on other hand we have seen an altogether different story of our Rani but albeit with a different Raja. Confused? Read on

RAABTA is a story which has reincarnation at its base, in the present life Sushant and Kriti are in love with other but the connection of their past life will haunt them may be to an extent that they might end up dying! Well we will have to watch the movie find out what actually happens.

However Bollywood films with reincarnation theme has generally failed to hold on to the viewer’s interest, but RAABTA has a very different appeal to it as the era in which the other part of its story is set in is something which Bollywood has never experimented with.

Interestingly at the trailer launch of the event director Dinesh Vijan said, “RAABTA is not any typical film based on reincarnation. I have tried my best that this film appeals to both the sections of audience i.e. one who believes in reincarnation and the other who doesn’t.”

Secondly the look of the era the other story is set in is very unique and on the lines of Hollywood films like APOCALYTO, which is something we have never seen in Bollywood so far.

So let just wait for the film’s release to see if they really have a logical connection to both the stories or if it fails to establish that connection then perhaps it will find no RAABTA with the audience as well.

RAABTA will hit the silver screens on June 9.