Rahul Roy to direct again

Rahul KhannaThe film fraternity has always been on the forefront to generate awareness pertaining to social issues. Close on the heels of Yana Gupta, actor Rahul Khanna does his bit for the disastrous plight of animals in India. This PETA ad campaign enlightens us about the predicament of elephants who are held as captives thereby preventing them from carrying out natural behaviours. They are intelligent and sensitive and are known to grieve for the loss of a relative, just as humans do.

Says a PETA activist; "We approached Rahul Khanna with a request to help us raise awareness about the plight of elephants in captivity, especially in zoos and circuses. Not only did he pose along with a baby elephant made of thermocol, but also agreed to be bound in chains to depict their suffering. The ad is shot by Colston Julian."

Captive conditions fail to provide an interesting, stimulating and rewarding environment. Failure to meet these needs can result in varying levels of disturbed or stereotyped behaviour, such as head bobbing and body weaving. Moreover elephants develop foot problems, which are very rarely treated in captivity. The methods used to control them are really ruthless and cause a threat to the mahouts as well.

It's really heart-warming to see celebrities going that extra mile to shed light on such sensitive issues that need immediate attention.

Great going Rahul!

Rahul Khanna