Raj Arora & Pooja Gor’s romance will make you believe in love!

Today being Valentine’s Day everyone is embracing love and romance. Social media is filled with hearts, roses and chocolates and more.


The world has turned red reel and real. TV couple Raj Singh Arora and Pooja Gor is seen in a music video, 'Love isin/t blind', which is shot at BIG FM studios in Mumbai and Kolkata has aptly been integrated in an on-air show format to provide an enriching experience to listeners by connecting with the vibe of Valentine’s week. RJ Alfaaz has also lent his voice to narrate the story of the real-life couple in the video ‘Love Isn’t Blind’. The short video film is a blend between the narration of real life couple’s story and situations enacted by television couple.


It’s a sweet and romantic video which talks about the journey of blind couple, with a Punjabi flavour and we are in awe of such an enchanting video and lyrics.


This video is for all the lovers and will make your V-day a little more bright!

Speaking about the video Pooja Gor said, “At first when I was narrated the story for the video, I thought it was fictional, but I was astonished to hear that it was the story of a real life couple. This story of Santosh and Jyoti just made my belief in love go stronger. It is definitely going to be a surprise for our fans as they get to see me and Raj together in a Valentine’s Day Video.”

Speaking about coming on board for the video film, actor Raj Singh Arora said, “The first thing is that this video is directed by my friend Gaurav Bajaj and he instantly said that I want you in this video. My first reaction was no, because I was very scared about playing a visually impaired person as there is a lot of responsibility that comes along as an actor. But then he took me through the entire narration of the story and mentioned a part where they play chess together. Being a chess player myself, that excited me. So that was my first hook as an actor for the video film that I could find something that I could relate to and that’s what made me say yes.”