Raj Singh Arora: Compatibility is important in relationship!

Raj Singh Arora is a popular actor and is seen in various television shows. Currently he is seen in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’. On personal front he is dating actor Pooja Gor and the duo is head-over-heels in love.


On the occasion of Valentine's Day, BIG FM released a special music video titled ‘Love Isn't Blind’ which is based on the story of a real life couple who is blind. Raj and Pooja have acted in the video.


In a quick conversation with Raj Singh Arora speaks about the music video and also talks about his real life love Pooja.


Here are the excerpts:



What made you accept to do this video film?
The first thing is that this video is directed by my friend Gaurav Bajaj,so he instantly said that I want you in this video. My first reaction was no, because I was very scared about playing a visually impaired person as there is a lot of responsibility that comes along as an actor.. When the director narrated me the story to me saying, the blind man is a chess player and I felt connected to the character and I said yes.

Since it is about a real life blind couple, what preparations did you do to enact their story?
As I said that I was extremely skeptical I was and was worried as an actor, and to play a normal role like a lovers’ role, or to romance, or be old, but to be a visually impaired person in life there comes a lot of responsibility. So I was very worried, but then I have to give it to my friend and director he said do not worry just trust me and it will come out beautiful. So we saw a lot of their videos. One of the things is that the girl was a little bubbly and the man was a little bit more controlled. I notice how they sit their hand movements and one of the very interesting things was I saw this one video of the house in which he lives, he was walking like a normal person. He didn’t look like a visually challenged person. So I kept certain things in mind like areas where he was comfortable, he was very confident about how and where he goes, but areas where he wasn’t there I did put in a certain amount of doubt, because you can’t see then you have to go on the sense of your sound. So I did incorporate these things. But in large I owe it to the director who kind of made us walk a thin line.

What keeps you so strong in this fragile area of relationship?
Its kind of strange to say that Pooja and me have been dating for 8 years from now. I don’t know how to put it in a simple way. I think there is a certain amount of care and respect for each other .Trust and compatibility are most important as well as understanding each other and being friends also keeps it intact. I know relationships don’t workout. Most marriages in India fail today and before anyone decides on these questions a very important thing is are you compatible with each other? can you live with each other, understand each other and bear each other and by the time don’t get irritated with each other ? these are the things that happen. I think at the end of the day it’s the sense of belonging to each other.

What’s your idea of romance?
We have been dating for a really long time and if I could quote the very great Shah Rukh Khan, I use his quote very often, Shah Rukh Khan once said that ‘Romance which most people think, isn’t about going out on dinner or buying expensive gifts or going for any fancy vacations. I don’t think any of this is true romance. In the wise words of Shah Rukh Khan is that when you are in love, when you are sitting in the house together and one of them passes by you and the wind blows or she is just having a glass of water or I am sitting and eating food or we are sitting together, so that one look of her is enough, or if I am reading a book and she is watching TV, and these simple moments are true.’ Romance and all that rather jazz isn’t required. It should be the simple thing - both of you being home doing nothing but watching a film that you like or sitting and having a meal at home rather than fancy restaurants. For example, I drink cold water and Pooja doesn’t, so when she has to give me she mixes it and gives and I get irritated. I think big romantic things are boring and you are trying to prove each other but if you are truly in love these things do not matter.