Rajkummar Rao TRAPPED in a vital diet!

Rajkummar Rao TRAPPED in a vital diet! news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 04 Nov 2016 16:29:55.9570000 IST

Actors have often gone on strict diets for their movie and this time talented actor Rajkummar Rao went the extremes as he was trapped in a vital diet.


Can you guess what his diet consisted of?

Well, Rajkummar, who had to appear weak for a certain portion of TRAPPED, underwent a rigorous diet which must have been never attempted before!

The actor literally went on one carrot and one coffee diet for about 20-22 days in order to look real for his character!

Raj survived on this extreme diet for 22 days and he lost about 6-7 kgs in 20 days!

Rajkummar says, "It was a part of my process to prepare for TRAPPED. Shaurya is trapped inside a house for almost 3 weeks without any food or water. It is a survival drama. I wanted to feel the hunger and desperation that one goes through, if put in such extreme conditions."

Speaking about harmful effects of this diet, Rajkummar said, "Luckily, there were not many hazardous effects apart from a couple of black outs and body cramps.

However, you really die of hunger. I guess, more than food it's water which is really important. I was having a cup of black coffee and 2 carrots a day in order to survive. I'm totally thrilled for the kind of response TRAPPED has received. The response was overwhelming for all of us."

TRAPPED premiered at MAMI and Rajkummar received critical acclaim plus standing ovation.