Rajveer : G KUTTA SE reveals <i>Ek baap apni beti ko kyon marta hai!</i>

Rajveer : G KUTTA SE reveals Ek baap apni beti ko kyon marta hai! news
img By S Abid | 05 Jun 2017 10:46:55.7970000 IST
Before we talk about one of the most hard-hitting and realistic films of 2017, G KUTTA SE, let’s get some facts!


The  film saw its world premiere at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival, and was also an Official Selection at the New York Indian Film Festival 2016 and the 17th JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. G KUTTA SE was also nominated for last year’s YES Foundation Social Impact Awards.

To know more about G KUTTA SE we caught up with the handsome lead actor as also well known model, Rajveer Singh, and started by asking him about why up North themes are making such big impact now (NH10, LAAL RANG, SULTAN & DANGAL).

Says the actor, “It is not that Mumbai based subjects are any less interesting and engrossing, just that audience has seen most of it over the decades gone by, and so they want to check out something new, interesting as well as realistic. Take the case of G KUTTA SE, unlike the popular perception it is just not about Khaap Panchayat and honour killing. There are a lot of human emotions. It will try to show why maa baap apni hi beti ko marne ko taiyyar ho jaate hain (why parents are ready to kill their own daughter). What goes through their mind at that exact moment. You see in a metro or big city having a girlfriend and taking her out for coffee is no big deal, but it is places like Western UP or Haryana. But then it is perilous to do so there, due to social pressures.”
Queried about his own role, and the acting workshops (for G KUTTA SE), “See the workshops (to have feel of the place) had their own importance, but somehow, as I hail from those parts and have spent a lot of time there, I felt that I knew it all! I play a central character who is neither negative nor positive, rather it has shades of grey. He is an alpha male as also a petty criminal, but is also a loving son and brother, when at home. G KUTTA SE is a very engrossing film and the last 40-45 minute mind blowing, I cannot reveal the details. Please check it out! ”
Rajeev Singh concluded by saying, ”To have the LOVE SEX AUR DHOKA  actor Neha Chauhan opposite me was indeed a great experience, given her no attitude behaviour. In fact, the whole shooting in Jind (Haryana) was like one big family affair, where at times (given my physique!) I had to rush as the security and at times act as the AD, taking about shot break up extra.”
Produced by Vinod Sharma, Sharib Raza, Surabhi Sharma, Danish Raza, the much awaited and anticipated G KUTTA SE hit the cinemas this Friday.