Rakesh Roshan's next hot in the distribution market!

Download Koi... Mil Gaya WallpapersAt a time when a majority of films are having a tough time finding distributors, Rakesh Roshan's sequel to KOI MIL GAYA, has already got distributors lined up for all the territories, with some of them confirming the film in advance. Mumbai and West Bengal distributor Niraj Manchanda, who has consistently released Rakesh Roshan's films in the past including his last film, KOI MIL GAYA, has already acquired the distribution righs of the film. "We have shared a close rapport with Rakesh Roshan over the years and we have tremendous faith in the business potential of his films. I think that has been the case with all his distributors. We are looking forward to this film too which is in continuance of KOI MIL GAYA," says Manchanda, who is looking at the release of the film on January 12, 2006. "The lucky day for his releases has always been January 10, so we are hoping that he will time this release too in January," says Niraj.