Ram Gopal Varma goes horribly SHAMELESS on Women's Day

Ram Gopal Varma goes horribly SHAMELESS on Women's Day news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 08 Mar 2017 16:10:49.5430000 IST

On the occasion of Women’s Day several celebrities took to social media platforms to wish the wonderful women in their life as well as their female fans. But there was one such person who made some atrocious comments online that literally boiled everyone’s blood.

No prize for guessing, that person is our very own filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. The director posted this on a micro-blogging site

Surprisingly Sunny Leone herself replied to Gopal’s post by writing this:

(Really Sunny after all the claims of leaving your past behind and making a hue & cry out of the up-front interview with a known journo, this is how you reply to such an atrocious statement?)

However Gopal’s post didn’t go down well with the majority of users and soon enough people lashed out at the director and gave him a piece of their mind.

Ram Gopal got trolled for his outrageous comment. Read what other users replied to RGV’s post:

This is not the first time Ram Gopal Varma made such nasty comments on social media. In the past too he asked Tiger Shroff to stop posing like a gay man and instead learn something from his father Jackie Shroff.

We really wonder why Ramu can’t stop posting such obnoxious stuffs on social media platforms. Looks like RGV is definitely suffering from foot-in-mouth disease!