Ram Gopal Varma opens up about working with Tiger Shroff!

Ram Gopal Varma opens up about working with Tiger Shroff! news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 02 May 2017 17:48:05.5870000 IST

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has never shied away from the kind of films he thinks or writing his thoughts on social media. Ramu has been on constant radar when it comes to voicing his thoughts.


Ramu was in news when he posted his cheesy views about Tiger Shroff and called him transgender further which he also roped in Vidyut Jammwal saying that they should indulge in face-to-face fight.

After which Ramu took to social media and readily apologized for his posts. There were reports that Jackie Shroff was offended by Ramu’s social media posts. However nothing was confirmed.

During SARKAR 3 interviews when we asked Ramu about his outrageous posts on social media, he confided, “I have always been and open minded person and have voiced my opinion even while I was doing Civil engineering. Whatever I post on social media is an extension of my thoughts.

If people don’t like the way I post, they should unfollow me. People are so politically correct all the time that they get shocked when they hear me!”

Further speaking about Tiger Shroff he said, “I have already apologised. I shouldn’t have made fun of Tiger that way. I haven’t met Vidyut after what happened, but we spoke over the phone. I have realized how much my account is an extension of my personality, it shouldn’t hurt anyone. So I apologized, genuinely. But people miss out on all the times that I have made fun of myself. Maximum jokes are on me, but people don’t see that.”

When asked if he would cast Tiger or Vidyut in his movie, Ramu jokingly ended, “Ask if they would want to work with me (laughs), on a serious note, I don’t make films of the genres they are part of.”